Manzanita Animal Hospital can provide complete services for your equine friends. For horses, our services include:

Physical exam & diagnosis of sick and/or injured horses

We recommend an annual physical (or healthy pet exam) to make sure your equines are in their best physical shape and health. (We schedule full 30 minute appointments for each patient).

Vaccinations ---- we offer the following vaccinations:
(These prices include a full 30 minute exam charge)
Rabies, 5 Way, West Nile, Rhino w/ Flu, Strangles

Vaccine needs will be custom tailored to your horses lifestyle.

Fecal Exam For Parasites and Sand
we recommend bringing in a fecal sample from your horse at least once a year so that we can determine if they have internal parasites. We can then also provide your animal with de-worming products at that time. Fecal exam can tell us how well you are preventing sand ingestion and make changes to reduce the risk of sand colic.

Dental Exam & Teeth Floating
For animals that require dental care we offer: Sedation and extractions (if necessary)
(additions cost maybe involved.)

Equine Castration

Health Certificate

We also provide a full line of other services including blood screenings, surgeries and comprehensive medical care. Please call us for details or more information at (928)753-6138.

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