How much do your services cost?

We offer a wide range of Veterinary services and our prices can vary from item to item. Our routine office visit & examination are scheduled for 30 minute appointments. Call our office for pricing and specific procedures. An examination is often neceesary in order to give an accurate estimate.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do not offer payment plans. We at the Manzanita Animal Hospital are dedicated to making the care of your loved one as cost effective as possible. Care Credit is available and has replaced our open-billing policy. For more information on Care Credit please check out the link on the right. Care Credit is an independent finacing company and subject to credit approval.

Why does my dog need Heartworm testing?

Heartworm disease is not a big problem in the mosquito free regions of our high desert climate. However, if you travel your pet should be on a preventive medication. Contact our office for a safe and very economical medication that can prevent heartworm and at the same time treat any internal parasites your pet might contract either here in Kingman or when traveling.

Can I get my dog licensed at your clinic?

You can get a Rabies vaccine done at our clinic which is the first step to licensing your dog. Mohave County runs the licensing program and to receive a license through the County you will need a current Rabies vaccine. For more information on dog licensing please call (928)753-2727. Once your dog has its Rabies vaccine and certificate, the license can be obtained at the county shelter downtown.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

We can often schedule you and your pet an appointment the same day or next day to come in for a visit. Sometimes we will have to schedule a visit a few days out. If you are coming in for a routine surgery, we can often schedule you the same week or the following week for the procedure. Please call us at (928) 753-6138 to schedule an appointment.

How do I know if my pet has worms?

The best way to determine if a pet has internal parasites is to bring in a stool sample that we can examine in our lab. We normally have results on the same day and we can let you know if your pet has any parasites. We can then prescribe a de-worming medication to directly target the problem.

What vaccinations does my pet need?

Puppies and kittens normally need a series of vaccines when they are young to help build up their maturing immune system. They normally need three sets of shots given over a three month period. After that they need vaccinations on a yearly or three year basis (depending on the duration of the particular vaccine).

If you have vaccine records from another clinic, shelter or breeder we will be happy to determine what you will need and when you will need it. We can even send you reminders when your pet is due for vaccines or exams. Please call us for more information at (928)753-6138.

Can you just prescribe something for my pet if I describe the symptoms?

Any animal that needs a medication has to be seen by a doctor and diagnosed before the doctor can legally prescribe any medication. In turn, an animal will need to be seen by one of our doctors before we can send them home with any medication.

Have a another question? Call us at (928)753-6138!

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